This is a transcript of the video conversation in Exercise 9.3

MEDIC: Hi Susan, what happened?
SUSAN: I burned my arm changing machine parts.
MEDIC: OK. Let's have a look.
Oh, it doesn't look too bad. Did you wash it or put anything on it?

SUSAN: No, just the towel.
MEDIC: OK. Well, we're going to clean it up and put a sterile dressing on it.
SUSAN: OK. Great. Um... Could I get an aspirin or a Tylenol? It really hurts.
MEDIC: OK. Well, um, do you have any allergies?
SUSAN: Not that I'm aware of. No.
MEDIC: Are you taking any medication?
MEDIC: OK. And by the way, who brought you in today?
SUSAN: I got a ride with one of my coworkers.
MEDIC: OK, well just so you know you'll have to inform your supervisor and fill out an incident report.
MEDIC: OK. So I'm going to go wash my hands and we'll get started.
SUSAN: Great. Thank you.

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