This is a transcript of the audio conversation in Exercise 20.2

EMPTY PICK-UP: Empty pick-up kilometer five five.
EMPTY LOWBOY: Empty lowboy kilometer seven five, approaching roll over.
Road blocked, pulling over. Acknowledge empty pick-up?

EMPTY PICK-UP: Affirmative. Do you need medical aid?
EMPTY LOWBOY: Need to confirm, but the wreck looks pretty bad.
Do you have radio contact with emergency response?

EMPTY PICK-UP: Negative, but will contact on the satellite phone. Will you stay on the radio?
EMPTY LOWBOY: I will check for casualties and return to this channel.
EMPTY PICK-UP: Lowboy operator, do you copy? (do you copy = can you hear me?)
EMPTY LOWBOY: Affirmative. Are there any first responders in the area?
EMPTY PICK-UP: Affirmative. I have an Emergency Response Team on route. ETA One Five Minutes. (one five minutes = 15 minutes, two five minutes = 25 minutes)
EMPTY LOWBOY: Affirmative. Will provide first aid until then.
EMPTY PICK-UP: Affirmative. I am approaching site. Over out.

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