Exercise 20.2: Audio Questions

Click on the listening icons to hear a short CB radio conversation between 2 truck drivers (empty pick up and empty lowboy) approaching an accident scene.

(MP3)   See Appendix 15 for a transcript of this conversation.

Answer the following five questions.

1. What do they call the car accident?

an accident
a roll over
a car crash
a truck crash

2. What is the lowboy driver checking for in the wreck?

emergency response team

3. What does, "Do you copy?" mean?

Can you hear me?
Do you know me?
Can you help me?
Where are you?

4. When will the Emergency Response Team arrive?

one minute
five minutes
six minutes
fifteen minutes

5. On the CB radio, how do you say, "goodbye"?

See you
Over out
I'm going out
Bye for now

Unit 20