Exercise 9.3: Video Questions

Click on the icon to watch a short conversation between a medic and about an injured worker named Susan. (video)   See Appendix 14 for a transcript of this conversation.

Answer the following questions.

1. What is the first question the medic asks?

How are you?
What happened?
Are you allergic to anything?
Could I get an aspirin?

2. How does the burn look?

not too bad
really bad

3. How does the medic ask about medication?

Did you take any medication?
When do you take medication?
Are you taking any medication?
Can you take any medication?

4. What 2 things does the medic tell Susan to do?

tell her supervisor and fill in a incident report
wash her arm and take medication
take medication and tell her supervisor
wash her arm and fill in an incident report

5. Who did Susan come with?

She came with her friend
She came with a burned arm
She came with a coworker
She came alone

Unit 9