Units 1-13 Health and Wellness Vocabulary (MP3)

see the doctor (MP3)
get a shot (MP3)
get immunized (MP3)
feeling sick (MP3)
have a toothache (MP3)
visit a chiropractor (MP3)
get a medical form (MP3)
fill a prescription (MP3)
take medicine (MP3)
apply pressure (MP3)
paramedic (MP3)
medical clinic (MP3)
licensed practical nurse (MP3)
flu shot (MP3)
health insurance card (MP3)
allergy/ allergic (MP3)
blister (MP3)
dizzy (MP3)
acupuncture (MP3)
rash (MP3)
ointment (MP3)
bloodshot (MP3)
bandages (MP3)
pharmacist (MP3)
surgeon (MP3)
dietician (MP3)
x-ray (MP3)
first aid kit (MP3)
anatomy (MP3)
paediatricians (MP3)
shift (MP3)
chiropractry (MP3)
ambulance (MP3)
Health Care Aide (MP3)
dressing (MP3)
caregiver (MP3)
training session (MP3)
waiting room (MP3)
have an opening (for an appointment) (MP3)

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