one hour delivery time = fast
half hour delivery time = faster (this is the comparative form)
ten minutes delivery time = fastest (this is the superlative form)

When we want to make a comparison, we often change the form of a word. Adjectives and adverbs (Unit 64) and some words showing quantity (Unit 57) can change this way. Unit 69 shows you the meaning of comparative sentences and how to make them. This unit tells you about the forms.

Word + -er/ -est

This is for short words.


big [C] bigger [S] the biggest

few [C] fewer [S] the fewest

late [C] later [S] the latest

early [C] earlier [S] the earliest

Appendix 7 can help you with the spelling.

More/ most + word

This is for long words.

difficult [C] more difficult [S] the most difficult

careful [C] more careful [S] the most careful

carefully [C] more carefully [S] the most carefully

beautiful [C] more beautiful [S] the most beautiful

NOTICE: Some words can use both forms.

either friendly [C] more friendly [S] the most friendly

or friendly [C] friendlier [S] the friendliest

Examples of these words are:
easy, dirty, funny, happy, noisy, narrow, shallow, simple, gentle, clever, common, quiet.


good [C] better [S] the best

well [C] better [S] the best

bad [C] worse [S] the worst

badly [C] worse [S] the worst

far [C] farther [S] the farthest

[C] further [S] the furthest

many/much/a lot of [C] more [S] the most

a little [C] less [S] the least

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