Exercise 68.1: Forms for comparison

Complete the sentence with the correct form of the comparison word in brackets.

Example: Making deliveries with my van is ____ (convenient) than by truck.
Answer: Making deliveries with my van is more convenient than by truck.

1. My delivery van is a lot ____ (fuel efficient) than my big truck.

2. It's also a lot ____ (safe).

3. I have to try to be a little ____ (quick) with my deliveries.

4. This is the ____ (big) client list I have ever had.

5. I will bet that this has been my ____ (busy) day ever!

6. This is the ____ (confusing) route I've ever driven.

7. I've ensured that my rates are ____ (cheap) than all of my competitors.

8. Delivering parcels for a living has got the be the ____ (best) career out there!

Unit 68