This is a transcript of the audio answers in Exercise 38.3

Question 1
1. adjective
2. verb
3. noun
4. none of the above

Question 2
1. I am getting used to travelling so much.
2. He is used to making beds and pressing sheets all day.
3. She used to be more efficient when cleaning rooms.
4. They are used to doing their laundry at the laundromat on Wednesdays.

Question 3
1. I am used to haves Internet access in my hotel room.
2. I am used to have not Internet access in my hotel room.
3. I am used to haven't Internet access in my hotel room.
4. I am used to having Internet access in my hotel room.

Question 4
1. I used to enjoy taking reservations over the phone.
2. He used to require a wake-up call, but now he gets up on his own.
3. Don't be intimidated by the crowds, you'll get used to them.
4. I used to book my rooms over the phone, now I do it online.

Question 5
1. I am familiar with living in hotel rooms.
2. I dislike living in hotel rooms.
3. I enjoy living in hotel rooms.
4. I lived in hotel rooms in the past.

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