Exercise 60.1: Relative Clauses

Complete the 2nd sentence with a phrase from Column B, so that the two sentences in Column A have the same meaning.

Example: I know a man. He served at a sushi restaurant for years.
Answer: I know a man who served at a sushi restaurant for years.

Question 1

Column A

1. A server takes people orders at a restaurant.
A server is a __________.
2. That restaurant stays open late.
That's __________.
3. I know a cafe. Lots of delicious treats are sold there.
I know __________.
4. I saw a very efficient sous chef.
The sous chef __________.
5. A line cook works in the kitchen.
A line cook is a __________.
6. A dishwasher was putting away dirty dishes. I saw him.
I saw __________.
7. People worry about food poisoning. It is a problem.
Food poisoning is __________.
8. I would like to eat in a cafe. There is no smoking allowed there.
I would __________.
9. Someone had found a mouse in the restaurant. This was it.
It was a __________.

Column B

1. a cafe where lots of delicious treats are sold
2. person who works in the kitchen
3. a problem that people worry about
4. a dishwasher (who was) putting away dirty dishes
5. like to eat in a place where there is no smoking allowed
6. person who takes people's orders in a restaurant
7. mouse that someone had found in the restaurant
8. the restaurant that stays open late
9. (who) I saw was very efficient

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