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This is a course of lessons and interactive exercises for practicing English grammar. It is divided into eighty-six sections. The exercises are not all the same length. Some exercises have only five questions, but others have up to nine questions. This course tests your knowledge of English grammar and, more importantly, it gives you practice in using your knowledge to make correct and appropriate sentences.
The vocabulary for this course is from workplace situations. This practical and useful vocabulary, when studied, will help to improve communication in the workplace. It is divided into eight different sections:
这个课程包括课文和互动练习,其目的是练习英语语法。 它分为86个部分。 练习的长度不一定相同。 有些练习只有5个问题,而其他的多达9个问题。 这个课程测试你的英语语法知识,更重要的是能在你运用所学知识正确地遣词造句方面给你提供锻炼的机会。
这个课程的词汇来自于不同的工作场所和环境。 学习这些实用的词汇将有助于改善工作环境中的语言交流。 词汇被分为8个不同的部分:

Included in these sections are audioand videoexercises, workplace vocabulary lists, and one lesson which has been translatedinto 中文 and Français


Table of Contents for Grammar



Pronunciation Practice  


Included in this section is an interactive Canadian Phonetic Alphabet (CPA) with animations demonstrating proper pronunciation.There are also audio exercises, short videos and comic dialogues.




Mobile ESL