Tips for Accent Reduction

1. Speak slowly and clearly. Concentrate on the sounds you are making.

2.  Use your dictionary. Look up the words that you find difficult to say and pay attention to the phonetic spelling of the word. 

3. Read aloud! Practice reading words aloud often. This way you will hear yourself and the mistakes you are making, as well as the successes you are having.

4. Make a list of the words that you frequently have difficulty with. Have a fluent speaker read and record the words for you so that you can listen to them and practice saying them.

5. Record yourself reading aloud and then listen to it. This will allow you to hear the mistakes you are making, as well as the successes you are having.  Check back on your progress continuously.

6. Watch the mouth movements of native speakers. Then, using a mirror; pay attention to your own lip, tongue and teeth positions.

7. Be patient and practice often. Find a native speaker who will practice with you and then take turns reading aloud to each other.

For iPhone users:

a. This application recognizes speech:

b. Download and use the “Search” option.

c. Try using some words from the Minimal Pairs sections (89.2, 90.2, 91.2) and see if your speech is recognized. (Example: “mouth” and “mouse”)

d. Keep in mind that computer software cannot replace the human ear. Sometimes correct pronunciation will not be accepted and incorrect pronunciation will be accepted. Good luck!