“R” vs. “L”


How to pronounce “R”

  1. Purse your lips, keeping your mouth slightly open in an oval shape.
  2. Raise the middle and back of your tongue towards the roof of your mouth, but don’t touch it.
  3. Vibrate your vocal cords

Listen to“r” sound from the CPA alphabet
Listen to:  refund, radio, write, rig, reservation, syrup, truck, cereal, pay-per-view, north, murderer

How to pronounce “L”

  1. Put the tip of your tongue against the ridge above your top front teeth
  2. Vibrate your vocal cords
  3. Quickly release your tongue

Listen to: “ l” sound from the CPA alphabet
Listen to: labour, letter, lunch, valuables, pillow, plumber, drywall, bill, withdrawal

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Exercise 1 "L" vs."R" Tongue Twisters
Exercise 2 "L" vs."R" Minimal Pairs
Exercise 3 "L" vs."R" Listening Pyramid