Unit 78: IN A ROOM

This unit gives you examples of at, away, from, behind, beside, between, by, in, in front of, near, next to, off, on and through when we are talking about things and people in a room.

1 Look at this seating plan of a classroom

John, Jim and Sue are on the left.

Sue, Pete and Liz are at the back.

Mary is in the middle.

John, Fred and Bill are at the front.

John is in front of Jim.

Jim is behind John.

Jim is next to (or beside) Mary.

Marry is next to (or beside) Jane.

Sue is by (or next to) the window.

John is near the door.

Mary is between Jim and Jane.

2 Use on and off for surfaces

There were dirty marks on the ceiling.

The teacher wiped the writing off the blackboard.

I put the picture on the wall.

I took the picture off the wall.


I could see the TV through the window. (I was outside.)

It was so cold there was ice on the window. (a surface)

I could see the trees reflected in the window. (The window was like a mirror.)

Get away from the window! (Don't stay near the window; there is danger outside it.)

Suddenly, the teacher walked in. (into the room)
The teacher was so angry, he walked out. (out of the room)

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