This unit gives you examples of at, down, in, into, inside, off, on, onto, out of, outside, over, under and up when we are talking about outdoor places and public places.


This means 'at the same place as' or 'near'. We are not interested in the exact position.

Juanita's at the head office.
(She is working or visiting.)

They're all at the meeting.
(not at home)

I'll wait for you at the bank.
(outside or inside)

In/ on/ inside/ outside

We are interested in exactly where.

Maria's in the office.
(She is working.)

They're in the elevetor.
(not in the stairs)

I'll wait inside the bank. It's too cold outside.
(I'm saying exactly where.)


get in/ into the car  BUT
get on/ onto the train/ plane/ ship

get out of the car  BUT
get off the train/ plane/ ship

Over/ under/ up/ down

The signage hung over the sidewalk.

We found shelter from the rain under a tree.

I walked up the stairs.

He peered over the cubicle.

My keys fell under the desk.

He walked slowly down the stairs.

In/ into

We ate in the lunchroom.

From the washroom, I walked into the lunchroom.

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