Unit 66 tells you about the position of adverbs generally. This unit shows how to use ago, already, late, lately, later, just, still, then and yet to talk about when.


I'll be here again on Friday.
I'll see you then.

(on Friday)

First, I got up. Then I had breakfast.
(the second thing I did)


It's six o'clock now. The office closed half an hour ago.
(it closed at half past five)

Use ago with past simple formation (Unit 21) only. For other formations, use before:
It was six o'clock. The office had closed half an hour before.


The boss arrived twenty minutes late.
(after the correct time)

We arrived at nine. The boss arrived twenty minutes later.
(at 9:20, but there was no correct time to arrive)

I'll see you later.
(at a time in the future)

I've been ill lately.
(my illness started a short time ago)


I've just finished drafting your letter.
(a very short time ago)

He's just going to leave.
(very, very soon)


They had already finished their meeting when I arrived at nine.
(they met before nine; by nine they had finished)


Is he still on the phone?
(I know he was on the phone; what about now?)

Is he on the phone yet?
(I know he was not on the phone; what about now?)

She hasn't finished it yet. (= She is still doing it.)

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