Which do you use?
a/ an/ some/ any? some servers
the? the servers
nothing at all? servers

Here are some examples to help you.


Oranges are expensive at this time of year.
(All oranges)

I like oranges.
(In general)

I'd like some oranges, please.
(I'm not saying which.)

How much are the oranges?
(...in this shop)

Have you got any oranges?
(It does not matter which.)

She bought some cheap oranges.
(We don't know about any other oranges.)

There were two kinds of oranges in the shop. She bought the cheap ones.
(I am saying which.)


Appetizers are a good way to begin your meal.
(In general)

He brought me some appetizers.
(I am not saying which.)

He brought me some delicious appetizers.
(I am saying what kind but I am still not saying which.)

The appetizers which he brought me were very tasty.
(I am saying which.)

If you can bring me any appetizers at all, it would be very much appreciated.
(I am not saying which.)


John goes to culinary school now.
(We are not interested in which.)

It is a very good culinary school.
(I am describing a type of school.)

It's the best culinary school in town.
(There is only one.)


There was a man and a woman at the door. The man was very fat and the woman was very thin.
(In the second sentence, we know which man and which woman.)

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