Exercise 82.1: Because/ so/ as a result

Complete each sentence/question in column A by using the set of answers in column B.

Example: The bank lineup was long. _____, I used the ATM.
Answer: The bank lineup was long. As a result, I used the ATM.

Question 1

Column A

1. I had to make a payment ____ it was the end of the month.
2. I want to buy a house, ____ I need a mortgage.
3. He did not have a credit rating. ____ he could not get a mortgage.
4. It was such a high interest rate ____ we couldn't afford a loan.
5. A chequing account is ____ writing cheques.

Column B

1. so
2. as a result
3. because
4. that
5. for

1:   2:   3:   4:   5:  

Unit 82