Exercise 62.2: The correct meaning

Complete the 2nd sentence with a phrase from column B, so that the two sentences in Column A have the same meaning

Example: The house's electricity was rewired by the electrician.
Answer: The electrician rewired the house's electricity.

Question 1

Column A

1. We hope you can fix our wiring problems.
We anticipate __________.
2. He said that our problems stem from old wires.
He claimed __________.
3. You look tired from working all day.
Working all day __________.
4. He was the man's apprentice last year.
He worked __________.
5. When they watched him work, he became nervous.
Their observing __________.

Column B

1. as the man's apprentice last year
2. makes you look tired
3. made him nervous
4. you can fix our wiring problems
5. old wires are our problem

1:   2:   3:   4:   5:  

Unit 62