Exercise 59.1: Third Person Pronouns

Fill in the blank with one, ones, it, they or them.

Example: I'm having prawns. ____ taste lovely. Here, try ____.
Answer: I'm having prawns. They taste lovely. Here, try one.

1. If you don't like the creamed soup, have the clear ____.

2. I won't eat the bread. Eat ____ if you want.

3. I didn't like the shrimp dishes. The only ____ I like are spicy.

4. Could you please order me another ____, too?

5. I don't enjoy being the only ____ eating at the table.

6. ____ say please wait to be seated.

7. Both of ____ are having the clam chowder.

8. If anyone would like, ____ can pay for my meal, too.

Unit 59