Exercise 50.1: Personal Pronouns

Fill in the blank with the correct personal pronouns.

Example: Have the staff washed _____ hands?
Answer: Have the staff washed their hands?

1. It's very important to wash ____ hands after using the toilet.

2. Please tell ____ to bring more onions when he comes back.

3. There are three of ____ using them, so we'll definitely need more.

4. I had already used up my onions, and then Marcia used all of ____.

5. Lars can't work tomorrow, he's cut ____ finger.

6. Raina is a good worker; she'll be able to handle it all by ____.

7. Unfortunately, we have a big order of sandwiches to go out, and I am not sure what to do about ____.

8. ____ was midnight before the last table finally left.

9. I love the banana cream pie. It's a favourite of ____.

Unit 50