Exercise 47.1: Counting and plurals

Complete the sentence with the correct form of the word in brackets. Use any other necessary words.

Example: He ate three ____ (cheese).
Answer: He ate three pieces of cheese.

1. I've got ten _____ (cutlery) to wrap and put away tonight.

2. How many _____ (bread) would you like with your chili?

3. Why are there two _____ (salt and pepper) on every table?

4. Can I have a _____ (water), please.

5. Have you got _____ (money) to pay the bill?

6. I think we should get two new _____ (furniture).

7. Could we please have three _____ (butter)?

8. This restaurant is only five _____ (month) old.

9. How many _____ (wine) would you like with your meal?

Unit 47